International Journal Papers

  • ​J25. Shin, J., Choi, I., Kim, J. H. (2021). Rapid decision-making tool of piloti-type RC building structure for seismic performance evaluation and retrofit strategy using multi-dimensional structural parameter surface. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 153, 106978​. (SCIE, IF=3.72)

  • J24. Chang, H. J., Choi, I., Kim, J. H., Hong, S. Y. (2021). Experimental investigation on seismic performance of two types of member-panel zone unified joints for precast concrete moment-resisting frame. Journal of Building Engineering. 43, 103202. (SCIE, IF=5.32)

  • J23. Choi, I., Kim, D. W., & Kim, J. H. (2021). Development of Optimal Design Method for Steel Double-Beam Floor System Considering Rotational Constraints. Applied Sciences, 11(7), 3266. (SCIE, IF=2.68)

Domestic Journal Papers