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Lab Members

Ph.D Course


JooHee Lee

Studying for the MS & Dr Combined Course

Department of Architectural Engineering

Yonsei University

Office : A475, Engineering Hall

E-mail :

Phone : +82-2-2123-7469


  • B.S. 2007.3~2012.2, Architectural Engineering, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea


  • 2009.9.6: 콘크리트 기술경연대회 장려상

  • 2012.8: 건축기사

  • 2013.10:소규모건축물 파악을 위한 건축물 대장 프로세스 프로그램 개발


  • 2017.9~Present, Research Assistant.
      Department of Architectural Engineering, Collage od Engineering, Yonsei University, Seoul, Republic of Korea


  • 2014.12~2017.03, Assistant manager.
      Zywoo Structural Engineering, Seoul, Republic of Korea

  • 2014.6~2014.11, Intern.

          Korea Gas Technology Corporation, Seoul, Republic of Korea

  • 2013.4~2014.6, Intern.
      Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology


  • Earthquake Engineering :  Small Scale Building Structural Engineering, Apartment Seismic Performance, Successive Earthquake


  Domestic Conference or Symposium Proceedings

  • Kim, J. H., You, Y. C., Lee, J. H.  (2013) Database of Low-rise Buildings Focusing on Seismic Design Guideline. In Proceedings of the Earthquake Engineering Society of Korea (pp. 167-171).

  • Lee, J. H., Shin, J.W., and You, Y. C., Choi, K.S., Park, S.K (2013) Construct a Process of Building Register for Grasping Small-scale Building. In Proceedings of the Korea Concrete Institute. (pp. 751-752).

  • Lee, J. H., and Jang, H. S. (2010).The development direction of the domestic companies through business types analysis of global construction companies. In Proceedings of the Korea Institute of Construction Engineering and Management(pp. 117-121).

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